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8 Into the Beauty Sector Is Not and Quot – Fade and Quot – Status – Plastic, Medical and Amp – Beauty – Beauty Sal


8 Into the Beauty Sector Is Not and Quot – Fade and Quot – Status – Plastic, Medical and Amp – Beauty – Beauty Sal

Article by jekky

8 Into the Beauty Sector Is Not and Quot – Fade and Quot – Status – Plastic, Medical and Amp – Beauty – Beauty Sal – Business

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Asians to face a small, pointed chin, as the United States, the thin face now the rage in the wind, tiny face has become fashion beauty, beauty we have a prospective operation is to be done, that is, facial plastic surgery profile. Why? Because the facial contours of a person outside the United States United States the first condition and the most significant signs that this surgery is to become a very beautiful relationship. Facial contouring surgery that cut through the facial bones, filling, displacement, to improve the facial appearance to face and facial features appear harmonious, well-proportioned. Common facial defects with mandibular angle too wide, high cheekbones, the chin is too small too short deflection, partial facial depression, facial asymmetry. Common plastic items Mandibular, cheekbone surgery, chin surgery, face and filling. Mandibular osteotomy through the removal of the mandibular angle (commonly called “cheek bone”) is too prominent part of the mandibular angle to restore normal appearance to face into a beautiful oval or oval face, which is often said that the face-lift surgery. Zygomatic hypertrophy of the cheekbones plastic is reduced, reducing to beautify the lines of his face. Chin plastic surgery to improve the chin by the short, crooked, too highlight the impact of facial contours and other methods. General surgery are mainly oral incision, there is no trace of the Ministry to resume later. Through plastic surgery facial contour can be to a large degree of change in appearance. However, many of the facial nerve massive beating, risk can be imagined, therefore, not eligible for any beauty body to carry out this operation. Only two Class A integrated over Hospital Plastic surgery specialist hospital or clinical application with the appropriate capacity and conditions of medical institutions to carry out cosmetic surgery facial contours, while general medical clinics, beauty clinics and the technology can not be carried out. Meanwhile, medical institutions must have plastic surgery and Anesthesia Division, completed at least 500 cases per year over plastic cosmetic surgery. At present, special techniques Management Normative work in progress. Then no clear management standards related conditions, Consumption Are how to reduce surgical risk, consumers must choose the first formal experience in large hospitals and doctors surgery. The specific circumstances of each person vary, plastic surgery itself has some limitations, surgical precision, symmetry, and age has a very high demand. Before surgery, patients between hospitals and will be signed by an agreement, the agreement very clearly told by the risk of the operator, after duty, after repair time, the name and qualifications of the operation will be detailed to announce. It is reported that Sichuan Medical Association Medical Beauty Train Centre to enhance the professional cosmetic physician, “facial contouring surgery,” understanding and operation of surgical techniques, held in Chengdu in the recent “facial contouring surgery training,” This move will further enhance the awareness of employees and technology to this operation is very assistance to consumers has also increased the success rate of surgery.

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