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Austin Lighting Design Firm LIGHTfaktor Integral to Official Austin Fashion Week After Party


Austin Lighting Design Firm LIGHTfaktor Integral to Official Austin Fashion Week After Party

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) October 20, 2012

Austin Fashion Week is quickly becoming recognized on a global scale for its impact on the industry, and LIGHTfaktor is emerging as a key player in the design world whose sophisticated, modern creations elevate the weeks seminal events to ethereal heights. LIGHTfaktor is an Austin-based event production and lighting design firm known for its stunning, cutting-edge design prowess, combining light and artistry to enhance the experience of entering any space. LIGHTfaktors contributions to SPECTRA, Austin Fashion Weeks 2012 Official After Party, have been raising the eyebrows of the lighting design and fashion communities since their inclusion in the event this year.

Attendees to the gala were met with a futuristic visual feast displaying the technological approach that LIGHTfaktor takes when creating environment design based on a theme. Guests admired models wearing custom-made LED fabrics, a technology that few designers are able to use with LIGHTfaktors cutting edge expertise. Illuminating the event were LIGHTfaktors own state-of-the-art video projection mapping displays, fiber optic threads and fashion-inspired light sculptures. Blending elements of lighting design with high fashion, these local artisans debuted some of their most fantastic designs before the global Austin Fashion week audience.

In addition to the environmental design features, the event production included two runway shows, living statue installations and more. The lighting design in particular around Spectra was stunningly beautiful. LIGHTfaktor has a knack for creating a unique experience through the use not only of the physical light but in ensuring that the sculptural pieces actually feel like part of the event. They were just as beautiful as the models walking beneath them, said Matt Swinney, founder of Austin Fashion Week.

The crown jewel of SPECTRA was a hand crafted, mood-enhancing LED chandelier, dubbed Crystal Nights. The 5 tall, 4 diameter double-walled chandelier was created using 6 custom laser-cut polished aluminum wings threaded with RGBW LED driven glass fiber strands. The fixture sparkled with 2,136 30mm glass crystals, illuminated by 24 RGBW fiber downlights, with one 125mm crystal at the center, lit by one RBG LED light. The Crystal Nights chandelier is part of a very limited series and features its own advanced DMX lighting controls.

LIGHTfaktor, of Austin, Texas, is an independent but diverse lighting design and event production firm committed to representing the highest quality lighting products available, providing a unique blend of modern architectural, decorative, and entertainment lighting products. We stay on top of the very latest market trends, technical advancements, and unique designs in lighting. Our expertise focuses on modern aesthetics and deep technical knowledge. With vast experience in lighting design and a complete understanding of current lighting standards, electrical codes, photometrics, and European to US conversions, LIGHTfaktor takes the guesswork and frustration out of your design specifications. In turn, this advanced planning and knowledge contributes to an on-time, on-budget, successful project. Learn more about LIGHTfaktor at


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