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BIG Name Badges Partner with Iconic UK artist George Ioannou


BIG Name Badges Partner with Iconic UK artist George Ioannou

Hampton Hill, London, UK (PRWEB UK) 30 March 2012

BIG, the leading UK name badge and business print specialist has teamed up with iconic UK artist and designer George Ioannou. Through this unique partnership, BIG now offers clients designer name badges that truly reflect their brand identity and values through artistic interpretations of the elements within their brand identity.

George Ioannou is the London-born artist specialising in pop art, who has taken the art market by storm with his simple interpretation of art with an attitude. His striking style of artwork and flawless product has given him recognition as a serious and highly collectable artist, with works covering memorable cult figures from the past and present. In 2007/08, Ioannou was listed within the top ten best selling and most collectable artists in the UK.

Through this close working relationship that has developed with George Ioannou, BIG Badges are able to offer clients the unique opportunity to have their staff name badges brought to life by George himself. As George said, Name badges are so important. You have an opportunity to differentiate yourself in front of your target audience, so why not say more about yourself as a company?

He continued, When I work with name badges, I feel I can evolve the image, making it more relevant to now and giving the companies a presence that engages with their specific customers. I believe that the name badge is just as important as a business card. I am not here to change the brand, only to enhance it.

Today, BIG supplies an extensive range of high quality permanent and re-usable name and ID badges, all designed to raise the value, visibility and prestige of client brands whenever they are used. Together with business print solution that include business cards, conference and other print material as well as corporate accessories, BIG products offer quality image-enhancing solutions that cater for all budgets and sizes of operation within the private and public sectors.

Emily Brouder, BIG Marketing Manager said, Name badges that have been designed by George Ioannou make a strong brand statement. He works with shapes, colours and emotions, enhancing the brand and creating a name badge that everyone wants to wear and has pride in showing off.

BIG name badges are already the badge of choice for customer facing staff in private and public sector, specifically corporates and organisations in leisure and hospitality, retail, security services, transportation, the health and caring industry and professional services. By providing such a unique opportunity, BIG is creating waves in the badge market with branded designer name badges that are a cut above the rest and will become a much coveted collectors item in the years to come.

The BIG investment in creative innovation and technology is ongoing and the company is constantly looking for ways to truly make a difference to the image enhancing properties of name badges. BIG processes more than two million name badges and 13 million business cards each year for companies of all sizes and across industries from its 11,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ipswich. BIG also supplies smart cards, professional and re-usable eco-friendly name badges, wallets, lanyards and wrist-bands for conferences, events, festivals and sporting activities.

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BIG is part of the Brady Corporation, with operations in 22 countries, and distribution in over 100 others. BIG has worked for thousands of organisations of every size and in every sector. The print and manufacturing operation is located in Ipswich. Detailed biog information is available upon request. For a list of services and products, please visit

E: marketing(at)big(dot)co(dot)uk



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George Ioannou

Since George Ioannou arrived on the art scene as a self published artist over a decade ago, he has been credited for making his style of artwork an acceptable and collectable technique within the market. This has spawned a whole generation of artists applying his style to walls and canvas all over the world.

Making it in to the top ten best selling living artists in 2007 was a huge and unheard of achievement for a self-published artist but Ioannou puts this down to exploiting a gap in the market that wasnt connecting with a certain group of society at the time.

Ioannous style has been created by a mixture of Andy Warhol and Comic book artists of the 80s. Infusing these styles helped Ioannou come up with his style and projected him into the art market as the collectable artist he is today.

However, a new decade ushers in new concepts for Ioannou, and 2012 sees him move his creative flare into the fashion and furniture industries with the objective of offering alternative concepts for the discerning and creative part of our ever changing society.



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