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Lake Street

Some cool Chicago diversity images:

Lake Street
Chicago diversity
Image by ifmuth
Lake street has a strong diversity of building types. From industrial businesses to warehouses, food packing, residential townhomes and lofts, restaurants, clubs, offices and coffee shops.

Chicago, IL

Indian sweets
Chicago diversity
Image by uBookworm
Venturing brutal, blustery winds from the cold front that was passing through the Chicago area, we roamed the Indian section of Devon avenue. My boyfriend wanted to try some Indian sweets, and these are what we got from one of the ethnic confectionaries there. They were very sweet and somewhat oily, but some of them had a rich aroma of a blend of spices (I tasted cardamon) similar to that of some types of curry. The one in the back (blackish purple with coconut shreds on the surface) was my favorite, some sort of fried dough dipped in honey-like syrup. Yes, just a few small bites are enough to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, and you need a strong black tea to counter the massive sweetness. I wonder what they would taste like if eaten in the humid, scorching tropical climate.

I love Chicago for its cultural and ethnic diversity–in no place in Japan could I walk through a street filled with Indian and Pakistan restaurants and confectioners!


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