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Portrait Artists


Portrait Artists

A lot of business offices and hotels will display the works of famous portrait artists. If you are lucky enough to have your work hanging up in a hotel lobby or on the walls of some prestige businesses, you will truly know you have made it. Portrait artists work hard and often for very little reward, sometimes, life can be pretty hard for portrait artists.

Perhaps it is hard for the portrait artists to make a decent living for themselves or their family because for many years a long time ago, having your portrait painted was only for the very wealthy and famous people.

Today with the help of modern technology it is no longer the case that only the wealthy can sit for portraits. Maybe it’s because with the help of digital photography and artists can work in their own home at their own pace using the image taken from a digital camera.

Because when you take a picture with a digital camera, you can see the image straight away you the consumer will know if you want to use that picture for your portrait or not. If you don’t like it, its ok because all you need to do, is simply press the delete button on the camera and take another photo. Long gone are the days of taking a photo and having to wait days for the film to be developed just so you can check if it is suitable to use. Perhaps that is one of the sad things about digital cameras as well. It seems that these days, we can see instantly our images that have been captured, we either delete them or we simply forget about their existence all together.

In fairness though even with the older cameras that do require the film to be sent off for development, once we had a chance to look at the pictures, you would often put the photos nicely away in an album and forget all about them. The photo album would put in the back of the cupboard and left to collect dust. This is not the case when you have a portrait painting commissioned. Usually, because of the effort gone too and money spent you portrait painting will take pride of place on the lounge room or dining room wall for years to come. It will be left up on the wall for all to admire.

Paintings and portraits enhance the looks of building walls and restaurants. That’s what we do best, portrait artists who specialize in images and photographs intended to decorate buildings and other infrastructure.


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