the human face – beauty 16

the face seriees
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Plot: Lane is looking for her “magic man”. A man who has all of the attributes that are on her checklist. In the meantime she finally hears her calling when a job opportunity presents itself in the form of Cosmo magazine. After failing to impress the editor they head out of the office when they begin talking men. There Lane (Hillary Duff) has the idea to combine dating and work place. After causing a blackout at her job interview she lands the job in an office to begin her undercover work. After dating several co-workers she happens to spill her drink on a “magic man candidate” Liam. However her boss isn’t impress by the direction she tries to take her story and tries to get her to stop dating Liam. Cast: Hilary Duff as Lane Daniels Michael McMillian as Tom Matt Dallas as Seth Chris Carmack as Liam Jaime Pressly as Kate White Amanda Walsh as Joanne Lyle Brocato as Liam’s Friend Jennifer Coolidge as Felisa McCollin Kevin Kirkpatrick as John Cedric Burton as Stock Broker Lacey Minchew as Whitney Courtney J. Clark as Margo James McDaniel as Tom’s boss
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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