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1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10000 fish 500 yards compost


1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10000 fish 500 yards compost

Growing power seems to have a winning combo going. I underestimated what they are doing. Based on the information in these videos, IF true, then on 3 acres they are producing 1000000 pounds of food each year! How are they doing this? Well, based on the information given in the video… 10000 fish 300-500 yards worm compost 3 acres of land in green houses Grow all year using heat from compost piles. Using vertical space A packed greenhouse produces a crop value of Square Foot! (0000/acre). Now, just to be clear I am not growing power or will allen. Also, a pound of plant or fish product is not the same thing as eatable food unless you process all parts of them for food. ie eating the fish bones and using plant stalks in stews. Generally, nations that are well fed throw away most of the plant and eat only the best parts thus lowing the yield of food. Growing power depends on and runs on the HUGE amounts of compost they make from food waste that is taken from the city. With out this compost there would be no heat for the greenhouses and no fuel for the plants to grow. Its a great thing to divert this from the landfill and provide cheap food for the community. My personal experience is that growing 7 pounds of food per square foot in a year is not that hard to do especially if you grow year around. You have to select plants that produce a lot of food in a small space which means you may not get a nutritionally complete diet if thats all you grow. Also layering of growth


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