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Extraordinary: A Look at Teddy Konickson and his fantasy Novel


Welcome to Chicago Life Magazine’s exclusive look at “Extraordinary,” the debut novel by talented author Teddy Konickson. This captivating young ...

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Hyphened-Nation – Poised to Advance the End of a Hyphenated America

Madison Smith

The days of ethnic minorities being labeled as a Latino-American, African-American or Asian-American may soon come to an end following ...

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WriteNowLive: Cyberspy by Heaven Love

Madison Smith

Rebekkah Rye thought the excitement in her life left along with her ex-best friend, Chord Price, when he left her ...

Hidden Genius The Black Engineer Behind Howard Hughes

The Editors

Historian and author H.T. Bryer has penned a fascinating book about Frank Calvin Mann (1908-1992). “Mr. Frank Calvin Mann was the little ...

Festival of the Imagination

The Editors

Every now and then a very powerful book comes along that profoundly impacts readers and serves as a tipping point ...

Aerial Cinema Productions Heads South

The Editors

by Kate Fox Something exciting is hovering over the sunny skies of Southern Florida.  Aerial Cinema Productions, Inc. has relocated ...

Canadian Actress Camille Hollett-French On Chicago Life


Trinidadian-Canadian actress Camille Hollett-French (www.camillehollett-french.com) is represented by renowned Vancouver talent agency and management firm Play Management, home to some ...

Swiss Actress Maya Stojan Cements her Career in Hollywood


Switzerland-born Maya Stojan (www.mayastojan.com) has successfully cemented her career as a young Hollywood actress from the plethora of television and ...

The Social Contract World Premiere’s in Burbank


The Thriller Movie ‘The Social Contract’ is to World Premiere at the 2014 Burbank International Film Festival The US-Latino action ...

PR Firm EMR Media Is Honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame Award


~ Celebrating 10 years, EMR Media Founder Liz Rodriguez Receives a Special Commemorative Hollywood Walk of Fame Award ~ Founded ...

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