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Chef Dale Talde’s Kare Kare Recipe


Chef Dale Talde’s Kare Kare Recipe

Chef Dale Talde, owner of Talde restaurant in Brooklyn, describes how his Filipino roots inspire his cooking. In this episode of Cultural Kitchen, we learn how to make Kare Kare with Chef Talde. Cultural Kitchen explores modern food and the chefs who make it, while showcasing the culture that inspired the plate. Each week, you’ll see innovative recipes and a bit of a cultural history lesson by the chefs themselves. Don’t forget to subscribe to see a new episode every Thursday! Subscribe to Tasted: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+: Short Rib Kare-Kare Short Rib, seasoned and seared 60 # Belachan 2 pkg. (750 g) Garlic 8 oz. Onion 2 # Ginger 5 oz. Chilies 3 oz. Annato Seed 4 oz. Turmeric 1 oz. Tomato, large dice 4 # Sugar 6 oz. White Vinegar 2 C Coconut Milk 3 CANS (#10 cans) Peanut Butter 3 # Method: Season the short ribs with salt and sear on the plancha on all sides. Wrap belachan in foil and toast in salamander for 20 minutes. In large pot with oil, saute onions, garlic, ginger, and chilies until lightly caramelized. Add annatto seed and turmeric and lightly toast in oil. Deglaze with tomatoes and add sugar. Next add white vinegar and reduce by half. Finally add 3 cans of coconut milk. In a hotel pan add seared short ribs and add shrimp paste/coconut milk mixture and cover with parchment and foil and braise in 300 degree oven for 4-5 hours or until short ribs are braised. Remove short ribs and portion into 8 oz portions. Pass
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