Grand Opening of Serenity House CR, Sister House of Casa Serenidad (Open Since 2008)

San Jose, Costa Rica (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Serenity House CR is now open, but the story begins in 2007. Three enterprising people combined their professional and personal life experiences to start Casa Serenidad.

They include a renowned physician who specializes in addictions; a well-known film producer who decides to turn his life around and seek help to stop using drugs, and a mother and businesswoman who wants to offer the hope of change to other families undergoing similar situations.

The need for specialized addiction treatment centers is well known throughout the United States and Latin American. Serenity House provides medically supervised, comprehensive residential care in a breathtaking tropical haven, utilizing the most advanced, evidence-based therapeutic approaches available in the western hemisphere.

The therapeutic team:

The Serenity House therapeutic team consists of professionals from Latin America and the United States, with a combined track record of over 100 years of experience in addiction treatment. Co-founder Francisco Jimenez, MD, psychiatrist, trained in addictions medicine at Johns Hopkins University, and has specialized in addiction medicine for over 30 years through Latin America and the Caribbean. Steven Kogel, MD, psychiatrist, has practiced medicine for over 30 years, and is one of the leading psychiatrists in the region to work with United States veterans abroad. Clinical Director John Brown, MA, MPsc, has worked in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy in the United States and Costa Rica for more than 25 years. All three are referral therapists in Costa Rica for US Embassy personnel and US residents living abroad. Danilo Leon, CADAC, Clinical Coordinator, administered one of Central Americas largest and oldest residential clinics, and has provided addictions counseling to hundreds of addicts and alcoholics coming from underserved communities.

Serenity House combines the different views and philosophies of its treatment team with years of research in the United States, Latin America and Europe in order to offer its residents an ideal and safe therapeutic environment. Within this environment, the person can enjoy the comforts of a luxury residence, contact with nature in a 10-acre property surrounded by forest reserves, rivers, and native flora and fauna; as well as spectacular views of the city from the mountains in the western section of the Central Valley of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Why Serenity House?

Serenity House is a treatment alternative for those who require personalized and highly specialized treatment, with highly experienced experts in addictions care. Therapists and mental health researchers have increasingly capitalized on the therapeutic value of milieu change, which provides rich opportunities for residents to see the world with new eyes and to reflect on old patterns and behaviors that contribute to their addiction

Combined with a non-confrontational, meditative therapeutic approach that develops mindfulness and emotional resilience, Serenity House offers an ideal environment for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in recovery.

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