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How to Paint with Coke – PITW Video


How to Paint with Coke – PITW Video We’ve been around Coke for ages and seen its many uses. Here’s use #102, how to paint with Coke! Thanks for subscribing above for more Everyday Creativity! Facebook: My art site: How to Paint with Coke – PITW Video Download the Template Here Phil in the Whaaat? (PITW), a New Web Series: PITW aims to restore creativity through the active practice of combining and recombining ideas, breaking through the mental barriers about materials and techniques in order to move to a new mindset of rethinking categories and challenging accepted norms. You can share your photos of this project or for more, visit —– “how to paint” “paint with coke” “spilled coke” “how to art” “how to draw” painting “phil hansen” pitw “phil in the whaaat” philinthewhaaat philinthecircle “phil in the circle” philinthewhat philinthewhaat video videos blogs blog craft photography
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A very traditional Chinese folk art which is really rarely seen nowadays.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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