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Protect Your Bubble Reveals The Top 10 Camera Phones


Protect Your Bubble Reveals The Top 10 Camera Phones

(PRWEB UK) 16 September 2012

Many people prefer to use mobile phones rather than have a stand-alone camera. For most, it simply makes sense. A mobile can snap a photo and upload to favourite social media locations quickly and easily. Given this ability, it just makes good sense to have a camera in a mobile and not a separate camera. Protect your bubble takes a look at the top ten camera mobiles on the market today.

1. Nokia Lumia 920: Nokia’s latest in the Lumia range, 920, is not just able to match the 8MP boasted by the latest iPhone, Samsung or Sony Xperia models, but also able to deliver in areas comparable to actual digital compact cameras. Nokia claims to capture up to 10 times more light through its tiny lenses than its current closest competitors in the market and if that’s not enough, the PureView technology enables image stabilisation so shaky hands and low light conditions on mobile phone cameras can now be a thing of the past. With the Carl-Zeiss Optic lens, expect amazing colours along with the 8MP delivering true sharpness.

2. Apples 4S: Still near the top of the phone market even before the updated iPhone 5 hits the streets. The iPhone dominates in almost every area and although it’s cameras capabilities is listed just after the Lumia 920, its camera still outperforms many smartphones available in the market today. For most Mac fans, Apple products just work. Featuring an 8MP camera, users will get clean, crisp pictures. The 3G service mobile hotspots make posting pictures easy.

3. HTC EVO 3D: Gingerbread is a relatively new operating system for mobiles. Most of the mobile market is Apple and Android. Still, HTC makes a solid phone with a 3D camera. While the 3D function is a 2MP resolution, standard 2D shots are 5MP. Not a bad deal for those who want an alternative to Apple products.

4. Samsung Infuse 4G: The first 4G on the Protect Your Bubble list, Samsungs camera has an 8MP camera. A large, friendly screen insures great pictures. Besides, it has 4G. Who can complain about that?

5. Motorola Photon 4G: A 4G mobile with an 8MP camera, the Photon is friendly and loads pictures into social media quite rapidly. A touch heavier than some of the other phones, but the price, a few pounds cheaper than the others, makes up for the weight.

6. Xperia Arc: Breaking the 8MP barrier with 8.1MP, the Arc lacks a front facing camera. It is also one of the more expensive cameras on the list, although with new phones entering the market all the time, the price is likely to drop soon.

Rounding out the top 10 are: the LG Revolution; Xperia Play; LG Quantum; Blackberry Torch. Of course, personal tastes and feelings may be taken into account about mobiles, but the list provides a solid highly functional smartphones, which all provide cameras more than up to the job of capturing your on-the-move snaps.

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