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The 500 Calorie Diet: Will Increasing the Calorie Count of the HCG Diet Still Produce Results with Fat Loss?


The 500 Calorie Diet: Will Increasing the Calorie Count of the HCG Diet Still Produce Results with Fat Loss?

(PRWEB) November 17, 2012

True Healthy Products, a nutrition company who has been offering their version of the HCG Diet for almost four years has had time to experiment with the normal 500 calorie diet. The company found in many cases the 500 calorie diet could be increased and will still work. It took their certified nutrition specialist slowly enhancing the diet beyond 500 Calories to see that dieters still see successful fat burning and weight loss. Learn more at

By having thousands of clients go through the Fat Release System HCG Diet, the company had ample time to modify and test the calorie count for certain individuals on the diet that were in the more active category. Some clients who are physically active may have a hard time functioning on the 500 calorie a day eating plan even with the HCG in their system. In the absence of enough new protein cells coming in from foods, muscles may become depleted. For this reason, protecting the muscle tissue by increasing protein and vegetables in this particular diet is important with physically active people. For more information on the HCG 500 calorie diet visit

For several years the HCG Diet was a diet undertaken with the condition that people were to be less active. Most people that go through the HCG Fat Release System can easily follow it to its original protocol and do well at 500 calories a day.

The company urges clients who are interested in using the Fat Release System that are physically active to modify their diet. Sometimes there are reasons to modify the program based on individual dieters needs. The company welcomes the opportunity to speak to clients directly by phone or email to discuss the modified plan created by a certified nutritionist.

Here are some typical scenarios for diet modification:

You may be a Vegetarian or Vegan

You are naturally tall, very large or muscle-bound

You have a very physical job or are very active

True Healthy Products is a nutrition company dedicated to offering the best customer service and latest products that range from all natural sports nutrition supplements, healthy dark chocolate, weight loss programs, revolutionary skin care and whole food vitamin supplements.

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