The Culture Of Reddit | Off Book | PBS

Warning: This episode contains mature subject matter. Since its creation in 2005, Reddit has grown into one of the most influential communities on the internet. More than just a content aggregator, it generates information and new content, and has given birth to intriguing collaborative projects that reflect a particular group character and value system. The Reddit community has become so active that it has had an impact on recent political events like SOPA/CISPA. And like any real-world community, it also has its share of internal social issues, forcing it to grapple with its commitment to free speech and the lawlessness of the internet. Featuring: Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit Blair Drager, Editor of The Redditor Kevin Morris, Daily Dot Blogger Stephen Bruckert, Memefactory Researcher Dworkin & The other mod, Shit Reddit Says Moderators (appearing anonymously) Music by: Dexter Britain – Minusbaby – Mindthings – Yusuke Tsutsumi – Binarpilot – Follow Off Book: Twitter: @pbsoffbook Tumblr: Produced by Kornhaber Brown:

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